LifeWay’s ‘True Love Waits’ Movement to Launch New, Updated Sexual Purity Campaign

True Love Waits — An international campaign aimed at teenagers and college students promoting sexual abstinence outside of marriage. Not, of course, in any specific way. We did not give voice to unanswered questions, unspoken fears. Instead, we talked around it, giving it wide berth, like you do with something dangerous. Here is how to not have sex. Join the movement, sign a pledge card, wear a special purity ring around your finger.

10 Overlooked Truths of the ‘True Love Waits’ Movement

How can parents, youth workers, and teachers help teens resist the immense pressure to be sexually active before marriage? Josh McDowell’s classic Why Wait? Why True Love Waits equips readers with emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual reasons to share with young people to help them resist sexual pressure. Read more Read less.

True Love Waits has become the most widely covered positive story about your friends and especially the person you are dating, you can choose not to hurt.

Source: Baptist Press. BP file photo. True Love Waits launched in , and since then has spread to at least denominations and student organizations in countries worldwide, with an estimated 3 million students making purity pledges. The latest in a year stream of True Love Waits critics claim abstinence emphases by evangelical churches wrongly shame girls and cause them to view their bodies as threats. Another critic, Nadia Bolz-Weber, has asked women to send her their purity rings—which symbolize a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage—so she can melt them down, The Huffington Post reported.

In her forthcoming book Shameless, Bolz-Weber claims evangelical teaching on sexual purity has shamed women, and women must reclaim their bodies. And I doubly grieve when I learn that some have carried pain into their adult years. Still, Buckley said critics of True Love Waits over the years have helped refine his presentation of biblical truth. Now, for instance, he tells young couples in premarital counseling to expect challenges in their sexual relationship even if they saved themselves for marriage.

Another minister to modify his teaching on sexuality and relationships is Joshua Harris, author of the bestseller I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Last year, he announced he had changed his mind about some key points in the book—like the wisdom of steering clear of the dating culture. In December, Harris told NPR a sexual abuse scandal at the Washington-area church where he was pastor until made him start rethinking parts of his writings on sexuality.

Harris was not implicated in the scandal. I now think dating can be a healthy part of a person developing relationally and learning the qualities that matter most in a partner.

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The True Love Waits Campaign is a movement focused on encouraging the youth of today to view relationships with a Godly, counter-culture perspective. We believe that our hearts are precious in the eyes of our Father, and that the love story He is preparing for us is far sweeter and more wonderful than anything we have planned for ourselves. Thus, relying on His grace alone, we are committed to remaining sexually and emotionally pure as we wait for the right person and the right time.

I strongly agree. God has better plans for me than I for myself… And I commit myself to wait for that right person and right time.

True Love Waits Namibia, Windhoek, Namibia. likes. Christian Youth Movement.

Hi everyone. I remembered when I was in high school I attended a seminar on true love waits and I found it very important to teach to the teens and young adults. I read Christian books that were relevant with this topic and it’s very helpful. My answer is Yes. How about u? God bless! Post Reply. I do believe this.

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A particular U. Protestant campaign born in the s sought to urge teens and young adults to follow the age-old Christian also Jewish, Muslim, etc. Within just one year of existence a Washington, D. The movement appealed to many moms and dads who were wounded by the sexual libertinism that began in the s and wanted more wholesome relationships for their own children, fretting over increases in sexually transmitted disease, unwed pregnancy and divorce. The pledges of abstinence until marriage were reinforced by wearing rings popularized from onward by The Silver Ring Thing organization, reconfigured last year as Unaltered Ministries.

This was a particular U.

LifeWay Christian Resources continues to offer True Love Waits resources. Harris, author of the bestseller I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

True Love Waits TLW is an international Christian group that promotes sexual abstinence outside of marriage for teenagers and college students. It is based on conservative Christian views of human sexuality that require one to be faithful to one’s husband or wife. The True Love Waits pledge states: “Believing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my friends, my future mate and my future children to be sexually abstinent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship.

By the late s, Christian music groups were promoting the program, and events similar to youth rallies were held at Christian music concerts, [2] providing an opportunity for adolescents to sign pledge cards. In the first year of the campaign, over , young people signed the pledge, which was also taken up by other church groups including the Roman Catholic Church and Assemblies of God.

The campaign has continued to spread across the US, making the use of occasions such as Valentine’s Day to gain attention. As of , groups supporting abstinence numbered in the hundreds. During the previous decade, approximately 2. The efficacy of the program has been questioned not only by studies, but also by contemporary Christian music artists who previously supported the cause. In an exceptionally raw and frank interview, Jonas also mentioned that although he had made a good-faith, preteen, commitment with Christian abstinence organization True Love Waits to keep his virginity until marriage and donned a “purity ring” as an year-old, he was overwhelmed when this became the focus of media attention when the band started to blow up.

Some old critique to ‘true love waits’ and Joshua Harris…

The churchtoo movement is attracting a lot of attention these days. Like many others, I have my own story of spiritual abuse in the church. I just wish the adults who helped shape beliefs had known better so they could have taught me better. I came across this article from Josh Harris this morning; it struck a nerve and lit a fire that needed to be channeled into words.

In , Harris released a book that spread like wildfire through the evangelical church: I Kissed Dating Goodbye.

True love waits? between families (using a sibling-comparison model), demographic outcomes in adulthood, and involvement in dating during adolescence.

This produced youth ministries at the time serving up a steady diet of Hells Bells and True Love Waits. It seemed, growing up in that era, that the great enemies of the Evangelical church were Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. Drugs and Rock and Roll were solved by creating a subculture of Christian Music. Sex was addressed by creating the purity culture. The goal was good, but the application of that goal I think was very harmful. Wanting kids to live Holy lives is a good thing.

Kids need to understand the importance of Sanctification in the Christian life. The way in which it was taught was not helpful to kids or the church as a whole. Of course, they would refuse. At the end they would ask for the rose back. It was bent and broken. The problem was trying to fix hearts and broken culture with only rules. Should my kid date? I say yes.

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It all started innocently enough; I had a point to prove, after all. After all, how many Tom Hanks-types were going to be hanging out in cyberspace on a Friday night? My guess was somewhere around, well…zero! But it was two factors that later made me change my mind and actually give virtual dating a try. And two, well, this is a little embarrassing, but the more they talked about it, the more curious I became.

So with an open mind or as open as my often hard head was going to get , I ventured over to ChristianCafe.

True Love Waits – An international campaign aimed at teenagers and Call it courtship; read that sepia-colored bestseller I Kissed Dating.

We both are born again Christians. I told him in several occasions how much I desire to get married. But he usually changes the subject and avoids it totally. What do you advise me to do? A4P: I have few questions for you before I jump into answering yours. So, what do you mean when you say you are dating a man?


The issue of true love waits is a valid issue concerning of love. I do not believe to what the government is doing as their solution for the rising cases of HIV. I believe that it is still the revival of moral values is still the best solution for this, hence, religious groups can do indeed play a great role in this issue. Thus, I find this article direct to the point and helpful to our younger generation.

Seek God — The more we get to know God, the more we realize what He wants us to do and the more we discover His plans for us. He is the best example of love because He is love 1 John

on Christian dating and relationships. It can be challenging as a single lady. Nina Daugherty | Christian Blogger & Christian YoutuberTrue LOVE Waits.

But what was God trying to say to me with this? True love waits. God was waiting for me to belong to Him just as much as I was longing to be His. He has been waiting for me for eternity. And He still loves me. It is not simply a duty or moral obligation or even a lack of clarity of where God is leading. Nor is it a sort of limbo or resigned passivity. Rather, it is a promise. A promise that no matter what happens, whether I make a mistake, sin, fight the gifts and purifications He offers, or am beset by obstacles… His love still waits for me.

Why True Love Waits

Church and ministry leadership resources to better equip, train and provide ideas for today’s church and ministry leaders, like you. The conversation has been led largely by women who are reflecting on the gendered messages to girls within the purity movement. But what about gendered messages to boys? Based on a host of interviews, Klein probes the culture of shame and the skewed notions of gender and modesty that have gone along with the movement.

Through their modesty and self-control, women were responsible for keeping the sexual urges of men in check throughout adolescence and dating. Her experiences were shared among those she interviewed.

Purity Rings and True Love Waits The problems in the single dating culture in the church aren’t solved with a lowering of standards, they’re.

The problem with the approach too many churches and youth pastors are taking regarding purity events like True Love Waits is to preach over and over again the risks of premarital sex. Kids have heard that so many times, they get it. They can almost finish your sentences for you while you say it to them. Telling them that delaying their gratification will reap the rewards of a good marriage when so many students have never seen one in their family is like reading them a fairytale.

We have to cast the vision of marriage that exceeds what our culture has shown them. They begin by apologizing for the fact that our generation has handed teens this lust-filled, impure culture and then placed all the responsibility on them to survive it with their purity intact. They challenge the parents to understand that raising a pure teen requires a pure team. How dare we rail on our students about not watching some of the shows they watch when we subscribe to the channels and invite the filth into our homes.

What pompous pride we have to tell them to be faithful to the Lord when they see their parents unfaithful to each other. Using a sketch between Jeff and their son, Trevan, they address the awkwardness of the “Sex Talk” between parents and students. All of the teaching lines are delivered by the son in the sketch to the dad, allowing the students to hear the teaching from a peer rather than feeling preached at by adults.

As they do, they share their hope about marriage and begin to cast that vision to this generation.

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